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Tadoba Safari Price 2024-2025

Tadoba Safari Price 2024-2025

Nestled in the heart of Maharashtra's Chandrapur district, Tadoba National Park stands as the oldest and largest national park in the state. This pristine wildlife reserve, named after a revered local deity, has earned its place as a crucial component of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve—one of India's 47 esteemed tiger conservation projects. Encompassing a sprawling area of 1,727 square kilometers, which includes the national park, this wildlife reserve is a sanctuary for a diverse array of flora and fauna.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, christened in honor of the winding Andhari River that gracefully traverses its wooded expanse, boasts dense forests, picturesque landscapes, and a wealth of biodiversity. Its conservation journey began in 1955 when it was designated as a protected area. Later, in 1995, it underwent a significant expansion through the amalgamation with the national park and the establishment of the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary.

In recent times, Tadoba has emerged as a sought-after destination for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike. Visitors are presented with a unique opportunity to witness some of India's most iconic and endangered wildlife species thriving in their natural habitat. Tigers, leopards, sloth bears, Indian bison, and a plethora of bird species call this reserve home, adding to its allure.

The vast expanse of Tadoba National Park, adorned with forests, grasslands, and water bodies, provides an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Beyond its role as a captivating tourist destination, the park is committed to conservation, dedicated to preserving the natural habitats of its resident species. Moreover, Tadoba actively promotes sustainable tourism practices, ensuring that future generations can continue to marvel at the wonders of this remarkable sanctuary.

Geographical Area:
- The total area of Tadoba Tiger Reserve is approximately 1727 square km.
- Within this, the core or critical tiger habitat covers nearly 625 square km, and the buffer area spans around 1101 square km.

Biogeographical Location:
- Tadoba Tiger Reserve is located in the Central Plateau of the Deccan Peninsula.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve:

Wildlife Population:
- As of 2020, the reserve is estimated to be home to approximately 115 tigers and 151 leopards in both core and buffer areas.

Tadoba Andhari Facts:

Royal Bengal Tiger:
- The Tadoba Tiger Reserve is inhabited by the Royal Bengal Tiger, one of the most majestic and fascinating creatures in the wild.

Tiger Sighting Index (TSI):
- Tadoba forest boasts the highest Tiger Sighting Index (TSI) score. This indicates that visitors have an excellent chance of encountering a full-grown male Royal Bengal Tiger in this reserve.

Diverse Wildlife:
- While renowned for the Royal Bengal Tiger, Tadoba is also home to various other mammal species. Some commonly found mammals include the Indian Leopard, Chital (Spotted Deer), and more.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve stands out as a prominent wildlife destination in Maharashtra, offering a rich and diverse ecosystem that attracts nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers from around the world. The reserve's conservation efforts contribute to the protection of its unique flora and fauna, making it an important area for biodiversity conservation in India.

Jeep Safari:
- Full Jeep:
  - INR 8500/Jeep (Saturday & Sunday)
  - INR 7500/Jeep (Monday to Friday)
- Sharing Jeep:
  - INR 2000/Person (Only for Buffer Gate)
- Sharing Bench:
  - INR 5000/3 Persons (Only for Buffer Gate)

Core Zone Booking Pricing:
- Booking in 4-59 Days:
  - Monday to Friday: INR 7000
  - Saturday & Sundays: INR 8000
- Booking in 60-120 Days:
  - Monday to Friday: INR 10000
  - Saturday & Sundays: INR 15000 without table

These charges typically include the Jeep, driver, permit charges, guide charges, online payment gateway charges, service charges, and taxes. It's important to note that safaris are non-refundable, and the booking closes after 5:00 PM for the next day. Additionally, a maximum of 6 persons is allowed in one Jeep.

Please keep in mind that these prices are subject to change, and it's advisable to check the official Tadoba National Park website or contact the park authorities for the most up-to-date and accurate information on safari charges.

Tadoba National Park, located in Maharashtra, is a renowned wildlife destination with a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Here's a summary of key information about Tadoba National Park:

1. Geography and Wildlife:
   - Tadoba National Park covers an area of 625.4 sq km, including Tadoba National Park (116.55 sq km) and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary (508.85 sq km).
   - The park is known for its teak and bamboo thickets, rugged cliffs, marshlands, and lakes, providing a habitat for various animals like tigers, panthers, hyenas, sloth bears, wild dogs, deer, bison, and more.

2. History:
   - Established in 1955, Tadoba National Park initially covered 116.54 sq km. In 1986, Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was created adjacent to the national park.
   - In 1995, the two were merged to form the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, which became India's 41st Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger.

3. Flora:
   - The park is dominated by southern tropical dry deciduous forest, with trees like teak, bamboo, ain, bija, dhauda, hald, salai, semal, and tendu.
   - Lush meadows, medicinal climbers, and various plants contribute to the park's diverse flora.

4. Fauna:
   - Tadoba is home to around 88 tigers, as per the 2018 tiger census, along with other mammals, reptiles (including marsh crocodiles and Indian pythons), birds, and butterflies.

5. Tourist Attractions:
   - Major attractions include dense forests, Tadoba Lake, grassy patches, and sprawling valleys.
   - Nearby attractions include Erai Dam, Mahakali Mandir (Chandrapur), Urjanagar Lake, Nagpur, Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary, and Navegaon National Park.

6. Best Time to Visit:
   - Winter (December to February) is ideal for wildlife sightings, with animals basking in the sun.
   - Post-monsoon (October) offers lush greenery, and summer (April to June) is good for tiger sightings as they come out in search of water.

7. Safari Activities & Timings:
   - Jeep safaris are available during specific timings:
      - Morning Jeep: 6.00 A.M to 10.00 A.M. (entry until 8.00 a.m.)
      - Afternoon Jeep: 3.00 P.M. until 6.00 P.M (entry until 4.30 p.m.)

8. Accommodation:
   - Various accommodation options, ranging from budget to luxury, are available around Tadoba National Park, including Svasara Jungle Lodge, Serai Tiger Camp, Irai Safari Retreat, and Tiger Trails Jungle Eco Lodge.

9. How to Reach:
   - By Air: Nagpur (140 km) is the nearest airport, and cabs are available from there.
   - By Rail: Chandrapur (49 km) and Nagpur (151 km) are the nearest railheads, with cabs readily available.
   - By Road: Nearest bus stops are in Chandrapur and Chimur, with decent bus services available from various cities and towns in Maharashtra.

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