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How to Book Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

How to Book Tadoba National Park Safari: A Comprehensive Guide

Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra, India, is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, offering an opportunity to witness a diverse range of flora and fauna, including tigers, leopards, sloth bears, and more. Planning a safari at Tadoba involves a straightforward process, and here's a comprehensive guide on how to book your Tadoba National Park safari:

1. Booking Options:

   a. Online Safari Booking:
      - Fill the query Form Our Website.
      - Select your preferred safari slot, type of vehicle (jeep or canter), and make an online payment through a secure gateway.
      - It is advisable to book well in advance due to the limited number of available slots.

   b. Offline Safari Booking:
      - Visit Tadoba National Park gate and book your safari at the booking counter.
      - Arrive early to avoid long queues, and carry sufficient cash as card payments might not be accepted.

   c. Booking Through Authorised Tour Operators:
      - Choose an authorised tour operator for a hassle-free experience.
      - Tour packages often include transportation, accommodation, meals, and safari bookings.

2. Types of Safaris:

   a. Jeep Safari:
      - Ideal for a personalized and flexible experience.
      - Jeeps accommodate up to six people, offering a close encounter with wildlife.
      - Lasts approximately three to four hours.

   b. Canter Safari:
      - A larger vehicle accommodating up to 18 people.
      - A more budget-friendly option, following a designated route.
      - Lasts about two and a half hours, suitable for larger groups.

3. Core Gates and Safari Zones:
   - Tadoba Zone: Kolara Gate - Navegaon Gate
   - Moharli Zone: Moharli Gate - Khutwanda Gate
   - Kolsa Zone: Zari Gate - Pangadi Gate

4. Distance from Key Cities:
   - Navegaon Gate: 130 km from Nagpur
   - Kolara Gate: 115 km from Nagpur
   - Pangadi Gate: 160 km from Nagpur
   - Moharli Gate: 25 km from Chandrapur
   - Khutwanda Gate: 40 km from Chandrapur
   - Zari Gate: 80 km from Chandrapur

5. Safari Timings:
   - Timings vary based on the months and seasons.
   - Ranges from early morning to late evening, depending on the time of year.

6. Best Time to Visit:
   - Open from October 1 to June 30; closed during the monsoon season (July 1 to September 30).
   - Peak season: December to February; book well in advance.
   - Shoulder season: October to November and March to June; book in advance for availability.

7. Safari Cost:
   - Jeep Safari: Around INR 6,000 per vehicle (6 persons per jeep).
   - Canter Safari: Approximately INR 1200 per person (18 persons per canter).
   - Prices may vary based on group size, duration, and time of booking.

8. Rules and Regulations:
   - Timings: Park is open from sunrise to sunset; adhere to safari timings.
   - Permits: Obtain permits from the park office or authorised tour operators.
   - Vehicle: Only four-wheel-drive vehicles and canter are allowed.
   - Guide: Trained guides are mandatory on all safaris.
   - Respect wildlife: Maintain silence, avoid feeding, and follow safety guidelines.

9. Tips for Visitors:
   - Dress appropriately, wear comfortable clothing, and carry essential items.
   - Be patient during wildlife sightings; respect the environment and wildlife.
   - Follow guidelines and rules for a safe and enjoyable experience.

10. Environmental Responsibility:
   - Preserve the park's integrity by avoiding littering and respecting the ecosystem.
   - Contribute to the conservation of Tadoba National Park and its wildlife.

History of Tadoba National Park:

The history of Tadoba National Park is rich and intertwined with the cultural and ecological heritage of the region. Here's an overview of its historical evolution:

1. Gond Kingdom Rule:
   - The region where Tadoba National Park is located was once under the rule of the Gond kings. Raja Khandkhya Ballal Shah is considered the founder of the Chandrapur district.

2. Tribal Deity - Taru or Tadoba:
   - The area is home to the Gond tribe, and according to local legends, the village chief named Taru died in a mythological encounter involving a tiger. This event led to the worship of Taru, and a shrine was built in his honor near the Tadoba Lake.

3. Ban on Hunting - 1935:
   - In 1935, hunting in the region was officially banned, signaling the initial steps toward wildlife conservation in the area.

4. Declaration as a National Park - 1955:
   - Two decades after the hunting ban, in 1955, nearly 116 square kilometers of the forest area were declared as Tadoba National Park. This marked the beginning of formal conservation efforts in the region.

5. Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary - 1986:
   - In 1986, the adjacent forest area contributed to the establishment of the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary was named after the Andhari River that flows across the region.

6. Merger of Tadoba National Park and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary - 1995:
   - In 1995, Tadoba National Park and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary were merged to form the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. This amalgamation aimed at providing a larger and more integrated habitat for the wildlife.

7. Tiger Reserve Status:
   - Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve became one of the 47 tiger reserves in India, underlining its importance in the conservation of the endangered tiger species.

8. Flora and Fauna Conservation:
   - The reserve is known for its diverse flora, including Southern tropical dry deciduous forests with Teak as the prominent species. The varied landscape provides a habitat for a wide range of wildlife, making it a crucial conservation area.

9. Census and Tiger Population:
   - Subsequent wildlife censuses have been conducted, and as of the 2010 census, Tadoba is reported to be home to around 43 tigers, making it a significant tiger habitat.

Tadoba National Park's history reflects a transition from a region under royal rule to a protected area committed to the conservation of biodiversity, particularly the endangered tiger population. The amalgamation of Tadoba National Park and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary has played a pivotal role in enhancing the conservation efforts and providing a holistic environment for the diverse flora and fauna of the region.

Tadoba National Park promises an incredible wildlife experience, and with proper planning and adherence to guidelines, visitors can create lasting memories while contributing to the conservation of this natural treasure. Whether opting for an adventurous jeep safari or a budget-friendly canter safari, the park offers a unique glimpse into the beauty of India's diverse ecosystems.

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